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As some of you may be aware, Mr. Chris Schutte, owner of Namibia Commercial Aviation, and of the DC-6B, passed away in Windhoek on November 5. Mr. Schutte was overseeing all arrangements for the DC-6B Tour of Australia from the Namibia end.

We have been working with NCA to try and overcome the obstacles that appeared as a result, however some of them are now legal based issues surrounding his estate - something that no knowledge of old aeroplanes can overcome!

What this means sadly is that the DC-6B Tour of Australia for 2011 will not be able to go ahead as planned.

Please don't think this is it - because it isn't. However, with the uncertainty surrounding these totally unexpected events, it is better that we put plans on hold and reassess should the option be open to us in the

Finally, all of us at Yesteryear Aviation would like to pass on our condolences to the Schutte family and all at NCA - the world aviation industry has lost a true gentleman, and a legend of the industry.

And we have lost a friend, and a kindred spirit. Afskeid, Oom Chris.
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The DC-6B Tour of Australia